Special Mention: eBay

With its recent acquisitions, eBay is out to prove that it is more than just an online auctions site.

If you think eBay is just an auctions site, think again. The company's recent moves show that it has larger ambitions.

In a span of one month, eBay shelled out US$2.6 billion to acquire popular Internet communications company Skype. The company hopes to expand its offerings and footprint, which no doubt will be enhanced by the 54 million registered Skype users in over 220 locations worldwide.

The dust had barely settled when eBay made the headlines again by signing a US$370 million deal with e-commerce provider VeriSign for the latter's online payments services. Under the agreement, VeriSign will become eBay's "preferred security vendor" while eBay is committed to buying up to a million security tokens from VeriSign in 2006.

While some detractors point out that eBay's moves were merely to boost sluggish growth, the company is commendable, nonetheless, for pushing the boundaries and aiming for greater heights. Started only 10 years ago, the company today boasts of 157 million registered users worldwide and an average of 5 million new items are listed everyday on its Web sites.

Editor's note: eBay was not a nominee of the Top Tech 50 Index because the company is only starting to be a key player in the business segment with its recent moves.