Spheric social app connects you to business people you should know

Spheric aims to revolutionize the way we meet, network, and connect. If you are on an extended layover somewhere, Spheric can find people valuable to your professional network within close proximity to you.

Spheric social app connects you to business people you should know ZDNet

The Atlanta, GA based Spheric app aims to do for relationships what Facebook, Amazon and Google does. It wants to build an algorithm that seeks to understand you who are via interests, career, where you live, where you work and where you currently are in proximity to other users.

Current social networking platforms connect you to people you already know. Spheric will connect you to people you should know. Using the app, you can quickly find out who is nearby at any given time, discover more about them, and request to connect with them on the go.

Spheric social app connects you to business people you should know ZDNet

Spheric is powered by a proprietary algorithm which combines attributes including proximity, common connections, work location, industry, professional interests, and in-app activity to establish the value of one user to another.

The app then uses that insight to ensure that meaningful connections can be made.

If you are attending a conference you could send a "Pulse" from the app and connect with movers and shakers you should know.

Spheric will curate the matches for you, but it is up to you to approve the connection.

Officially launching Fall 2015, the app aims to "transform social networking as it exists today".

Spheric social app connects you to business people you should know ZDNet

Founder and CEO Jeremy Heilpern dreamed up the concept whilst on a flight back to Atlanta from a business trip in Dallas.

During the flight, he caught up on work, without engaging in conversation with nearby passenger.

Once the plane arrived in Atlanta, the flight attendant escorted the gentleman sitting next to Jeremy off the plane, where he exited from the skywalk and got in his car parked on the runway.

Jeremy had sat next to this guy for two hours without saying a word to him.

How often does this happen? We sit next to people, and we have no idea who they are or the impact they might have on our professional network.

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Spheric will integrate with existing networks, and employ a proprietary algorithm to match users together based on interests, professions, location, and proximity to one another.

It uses LinkedIn to complete your Spheric profile.

Heilpern said: "Existing social networks hold significant information about each of us, but it's never used to build relationships -- just to push content, or sell products.

Spheric will learn who you are, and introduce you to people you should know. Spheric is going to fundamentally change how we meet new people."

If you are open to making these connections then this app might be just what you have been looking for.

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