SpiceWorld 2015: 'The most happenin' IT conference around'

SpiceWorld 2015 cranks up today in Austin Texas and it should be quite a show. With a sponsor list that reads like a Silicon Valley who's who and the party atmosphere of Austin, how can you go wrong?
Written by Ken Hess, Contributor

SpiceWorld is like CES, SXSW, and The Big Lebowski all rolled up into three days of intense technology sessions, bacon, and some of the wildest rooftop parties you'll ever experience. From Scott Abel, Spiceworks co-founder and Chief Strategy Officer (who I once dubbed "The Oprah of IT") to the expert sessions to the cool venues, SpiceWorld is the self-described "most happenin' IT conference around."

This will be my third SpiceWorld and I look forward to it every year with childlike anticipation. In fact, I've planned this trip for the past six months. It's finally here!

It's three very intense days of more than 40 tech sessions and more than 75 speakers. It also features the best of technology's innovators. Check out the list of sponsors. From my mother ship (HP) to Citrix, Canon (my camera homies*), RealVNC, Veeam, VMware, Micron, Netwrix, Webroot, CompTIA, and dozens of others.

The first day, today, is a series of pre-conference workshops, which are deep dive technical discussions on topics such as the Spiceworks app, IT troubleshooting in Spiceworks, how to build Spiceworks platform apps, and marketing yourself at Spiceworld (one I should definitely attend). Maybe my Spiceworks marketing homies will save me some docs or a video from it.

The second day is when the fun for all audiences begins with regular sessions and booth scanning. It's kind of fun to watch the techies at this conference discuss real tech with the booth folk instead of just picking up swag. I enjoy listening in on some of the conversations that catch my ears as I stroll by stalking potential interviewees for podcasts and videocasts. It's also the day of the big Keynote, where you get to hear about all the new stuff coming your way.

In fact, there's one big announcement that I had a part in. You're welcome. And you'll read more about it tomorrow when I can post about it, so stay tuned.

The third day is more tech sessions and more booth browsing. The conference ends officially at 3:00PM with the awards, raffle results, and farewells. But, it ain't over until the after party is over. And, well, even then, you're in Austin, so it doesn't really have to be over then either. Responsible adults, like me**, will retire to my comfy room as soon as the after party winds to a close.

This year, I'm conducting video and audio interviews at the conference and I'll probably do a compilation video, like the one I made in 2013.

Seriously, if you want to learn a lot, rub shoulders with the smartest people in tech, and have all the bacon, fermented beverages, and great food you can swallow, this is the conference for you. If you're not exhausted*** at the end of it, you didn't go.

If you're there, look me up. I'll be the one with bacon breath, two cameras, and a press badge. See you there.

*This year I'm carrying my Canon T3 and a friend's Canon 60D for video interview recording.
**If you believe that, you don't know me.
***I'll be OK with a little sleep, two Ibuprofen, Diet Dr. Pepper, and some dark sunglasses.

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