Splunk adds unlimited plan to enterprise pricing mix

By offering enterprise adoption agreements, Splunk is hoping to encourage more enterprises to standardize on its machine data analytics platform.

Splunk on Thursday said that it will begin offering an unlimited enterprise license that will be independent from data volume.

The game plan for Splunk: Increase usage and adoption for machine data analytics.

Splunk, which has become a hit for enterprises looking to monitor security logs as well as data center gear and other infrastructure, also charges based on data usage.

According to Splunk, the enterprise adoption agreements, or EAAs, may be a better way to go for corporations because they won't have to sweat the amount of data ingested. As machine data use cases proliferate, pricing plans based on the amount of information ingested could become burdensome.

For Splunk, the EAAs are also a sign of maturity. By offering an unlimited pricing plan, enterprises are more likely to standardize on Splunk. The EAAs include support and services. Splunk's EAA are custom deals based on the enterprise.

Splunk's other pricing plans for its enterprise software include perpetual and term licenses. The perpetual starts at $4,500 for 1GB a day and term licenses start at $1,800 per year. Here's a look at the discounting policies: