Splunk and Pentaho partner on machine data analytics

Darling of machine-generated Big Data, Splunk, and open source BI provider, Pentaho, integrate their technologies.

Splunk, the San Francisco-based purveyor of Big Data technology in the machine data space, and Pentaho, the Orlando, FL-based Business Intelligence and Data Integration software vendor, have announced an alliance and resulting product, Pentaho Business Analytics and Splunk Enterprise, that is available right away.

While Splunk offers data visualization as an intrinsic feature of its own applications, use of the Pentaho tools will permit mashups of Splunk-sourced data (machine data generated by Web sites, applications, servers, storage, network, mobile and other devices, including system sensors) with various traditional and unstructured data sources brokered by Pentaho.

Pentaho Business Analytics for Splunk Enterprise can be downloaded from Splunkbase, and customers can get moving with this integration of machine and conventional data.  Pentaho says the integration is, in fact, bi-directional, allowing export of machine data from Splunk Enterprise, or import of data via Pentaho into Splunk software.

Pentaho Business Analytics and Splunk Enterprise was engineered atop the Splunk SDK for Java, demonstrating how important APIs are, not onlty to data integration, but data product integration too.

This announcement up is one more significant step toward another integration: that of Big Data and BI.