Splunk .conf2013 conversations with attendees

Splunk's conference is just beginning. Boy are the attendees enthusiastic.
Written by Dan Kusnetzky, Contributor on

Splunk is the creator of tools to analyze operational data produced by systems, storage, networks and a whole host of end point devices people use all the time. This makes the log files of systems, applications, and the like a collective repository that can be used to really understand what the IT infrastructure is doing. Splunk's partners have added tools to monitor security, the network and a growing array of other components.

The company's user conference is going on at the Cosmopolitan in Las Vegas now. This event has given me the opportunity to speak with people using Splunk Enterprise  If I had to characterize these chats with a single word, the word would be "enthusiastic."

Each of the conversations explored what the attendee and his/her organization was doing with Splunk. Some we're keeping tabs on performance of important workloads while others were using Splunk combined with their own custom scripts to maintain everything from security of their networks to keeping critical tasks alive and healthy. 

I thought it it clever how some we're making Splunk deliver RSS feeds with important operational data so operations staff could use a Web browser as a quick reporting tool.

It apprears that Splunk has generated a dynamic ecosystem. 

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