Splunk offers light version for smaller companies

Splunk Light is designed for smaller information technology environments as the company looks to expand its market.

Splunk on Tuesday launched Splunk Light, which is designed to target smaller technology environments for things like log monitoring, search and analysis.

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For Splunk, which has become a favorite of large enterprises looking to monitor and analyze machine data, Splunk Light is an effort to broaden its market and target smaller companies.

Pricing for Splunk Light will start at $75 a month under an annual plan in North America.

As is custom for Splunk, a freemium model is used. Splunk Light has a free version with upgrades from there.

Splunk Light has been in a beta and reference customers include Cure 4 Kids Foundation and Sequent Software. Splunk Light is powered by Splunk's search processing engine and has the following features:

  • Real-time log search for troubleshooting;
  • Online billing;
  • Global support and access to the Splunk community;
  • And an upgrade path to Splunk Enterprise.