Splunk releases Stream app for capturing real-time streaming wire data

The app, which collects, aggregates and filters wire data from both network endpoints, is the first product delivered from Splunk's acquisition of Cloudmeter last year.

Machine data player Splunk announced Tuesdsay the release of the Splunk App for Stream, a tool the company said will help its cloud or enterprise customers capture streaming wire data in real time. 

Splunk describes wire data as machine data transmitted between applications over networks. It can provide information about business activity, application performance, security and IT infrastructure issues, without needing code instrumentation, Splunk said.

It can also capture wire data for additional insights like fraud detection, compliance, application management, IT operations and business analytics.

The app works by collecting, aggregating and filtering wire data from both network endpoints — such as virtual machines in public clouds or virtual desktops — and the network perimeter, such as routers, switches and firewalls. It then correlates the wire data with other machine data, such as logs, events and metrics.

Leena Joshi, senior director of solutions marketing for Splunk, said the Splunk App for Stream is the first product delivered from Splunk's acquisition of Cloudmeter last year.

"Unlike traditional and appliance-based solutions, which are difficult to deploy, especially in public cloud infrastructures, the Splunk App for Stream enables customers to gain immediate wire data access on-premises or in public, private or hybrid cloud infrastructures," Joshi said. "It opens up for our customers a whole new class of data sets to provide continuous IT, security and business insights."