S'pore to host global IP forum

To be held in the island-state later this year, the event will gather industry experts and luminaries in the name of intellectual property.
Written by Aaron Tan, Contributor

SINGAPORE--More than 30 global experts in intellectual property (IP) will throw light on pressing IP issues at the inaugural Global IP Forum to be held here this August.

Organized by Singapore's IP Academy, a center for IP research and education in Singapore and the Asia-Pacific region, the event is touted to be the region's first multi-disciplinary IP forum that covers all three core IP rights--copyright, trademark and patents.

According to the IP Academy, the event will touch on how the region’s expanding economies, led by China and India, will exert a rising influence on global IP creation, protection, exploitation and management for multinational companies.

Hot IP issues in the technology sector are also on the agenda, according to a spokesperson from the Academy. They include Google's efforts in creating a digital repository of existing copyrighted works, the face-off between file-sharing software vendors and the music industry, as well as challenges faced by global companies that want their IP rights protected while outsourcing their operations to Asia.

IP dispute resolution is also one of the talking points. The growing trend in the European Union and United States, where parties are turning to alternative methods such as mediation to settle IP disputes, could impact developments in the Asia-Pacific region.

Singapore, for example, may be able to play an important role in this respect given its neutral position and strong IP infrastructure, according to the IP Academy.

David Llewelyn, director of IP Academy, said in a statement: "The growth in internationalization and the borderless environment in which businesses now operate, have highlighted the need for greater inter-country collaboration in the management, protection and enforcement of IP rights."

He added: "We believe that the forum will offer a sound platform for IP practitioners and corporations to exchange ideas, and further raise the bar on IP standards, both regionally and globally."

Industry luminaries who will be speaking at the forum include Sir Francis Jacobs, Queen’s Counsel and Former Advocate General from the European Court of Justice; Toe Su Aung, general counsel at British American Tobacco; and Professors William Cornish and Lionel Bently from Cambridge University.

The forum is expected to attract more than 300 participants including leading IP practitioners, IP thought leaders and academia, businessmen, industry players and government officials from Southeast Asia, the United States, Europe, Japan, Korea, China, India, Australia, New Zealand, as well as the Middle East regions.

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