Spotcloud launches cloud computing clearinghouse

Need a quick computing fix? Got excess computing capacity?

Need a quick computing fix? Got excess computing capacity?, launched this week, is a cloud computing clearinghouse and marketplace that allows buyers and sellers to access or sell computing capacity based on individual need.

Buyers can easily buy "with the configuration you want, the location you want, and the price you want, from a large (and growing) number of cloud providers located around the globe," promises's operator, Enomaly, of Toronto, Canada. "You can easily run your own VM images on any service provider through Spotcloud."

Sellers can also pump capacity into the Enomaly grid and get paid for it.

"Many buyers of cloud capacity are ready and waiting today to buy your spare server capacity. Whether or not you operate a cloud service today, you can be up and running on SpotCloud within an hour," Enomaly claims. " You can choose to use the free version of Enomaly’s ECP IaaS platform on your servers, or you can integrate your current cloud platform with SpotCloud through our simple API.  If you have extra server capacity, sign up for free as a SpotCloud seller and start earning real revenue today."

Enomaly instructs buyers and sellers to register on SpotCloud and take it for a test run.