Spotify sets its sights on Apple with iPod and iPhone integration

Though it has yet to hit the U.S., Spotify continues to make waves in Europe, continuing today with the announcement that it will offer playlist synching with Apple's iPod and iPhone.
Written by Ricardo Bilton, Contributor on

The name Spotify likely doesn't mean much to music fans outside of Europe. But the streaming music service has been making a number of big announcements in preparation for its US launch later this year.

In a move unlikely to make many people at Apple particularly happy, Spotify said today that its users would soon be able to download playlists directly to devices like the iPhone and iPad.

This is significant because with the new feature, Spotify users will be able to completely bypass iTunes, Apple's seemingly-impenetrable music fortress. Instead, users will be able to sync their devices via Spotify's desktop and mobile applications, solving one of the main complaints of those using Spotify's service.

Of course, it remains to be seen whether Apple will end up blocking the feature, as the company has done previously. Either way, with moves like these, Spotify will be a force to be reckoned with once it makes its way stateside.

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