Sprinklr raises $15 million; social media management for the enterprise

Battery Ventures and Intel Capital see value in helping large global enterprises be social.
Written by Andrew Nusca, Contributor

Another day, another social enterprise play.

Sprinklr, the New York City-based startup focused on social media management for large enterprises, announced this morning that it raised $15 million from Battery Ventures and new investor Intel Capital.

The news follows a successful year in which the company posted 400 percent year-over-year growth and signed major accounts such as Dell, Cisco, Samsung, Virgin America and -- yes, you guessed it -- Intel.

Despite the consumer-cute name, the company has set its sights on helping the biggest companies stoke social engagement, manage channels and target specific geographies. (In other words, the things that sucked up all the time in your company's latest leadership meeting.) There are various companies out there that do this, but Sprinklr is focusing on the $1 billion-and-up-in-revenue market.

Can you make a corporate behemoth social? We learned this most recently during the sudden and unexpected power outage at this weekend's NFL Championship Game ("Super Bowl"), when Oreo -- the American cookie brand owned by Nabisco -- quickly fired off a clever response that drew instant acclaim.

Whether you can find a way to quantify that success such that it justifies investment, well, that's the nut that every enterprise's marketing organization is trying to crack. Regardless, Sprinklr marches into 2013 flush with cash.

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