Sprint kills free tethering on the Nexus S 4G with update

Sprint's Nexus S 4G users running the most device's recent update have been greeting with different, unfortunate update: the removal of the phone's free hotspot feature.

Sprint's delayed and subsequently rescheduled update for the Nexus S 4G apparently came with a surprising addition: the removal of of the phone's free tethering functionality.

Instead, Sprint is pushing subscribers towards its official tethering plans, which are far less free. Not that we should be particularly surprised by the move. The free hotspot feature was too good to be true from the beginning, and, while amazing, had to end at some point. That point is apparently today.

Of course, as with most things Android-related, those with enough determination can find any number of work-arounds to rectify the change. But let's be clear: the free hotspot tethering is officially dead on the Nexus S.

And that's a bit strange, considering that the Nexus S was aimed to be a pure Google-run Android experience, untouched by carriers. Apparently, Sprint's will was a bit too much for even Google to handle.

Nexus S owners were expecting a range of improvements with the phone's update to Android 2.3.5, including WiMax performance upgrades. The removal of free tethering was certainly an unwelcome addition to that.

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