Sprint Nexus S 4G owners get a free gift of Swype

Sprint Nexus S 4G owners are getting a free version of the Swype onscreen keyboard app that has new editing gestures.

It is rare when a wireless carrier gives anything to its customers, so I was skeptical when Sprint sent me an email today telling me a brand new version of Swype was available for free. Swype is the keyboard app that enables typing by swiping across the onscreen keyboard. It is not available for purchase in the Android Market as it is only distributed by installation by handset distributors.

It has been a while since I tried Swype so I downloaded it to my Nexus S 4G and have been using it all day. The keyboard is surprisingly good and very accurate at figuring out what word I am swiping. This special version also includes special gestures that are coming in very handy for editing text entry. You can see Swype in action in the video below, and the new gestures too.


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