Sprint starts slowing LTE speeds of heavy data users on unlimited plans

Sprint follows other U.S. carriers by implementing a threshold on how much data it will provide at full LTE speed; cross over 23 GB in a month on an unlimited plan and your transfer speeds may fall.

Sprint customers that chose an unlimited data still get to use as much data as they want, but their speeds may be slowed at a certain point. The carrier announced a new Quality of Service initiative that limits such unlimited use after 23 GB in a monthly billing cycle.

The new program applies to new customers who sign up for an unlimited plan after October 16, as well as to any prior customers who upgrade their phones after that date and chose to stay on their unlimited plan.

Sprint says the 23 GB limit is consistent with the U.S. mobile broadband industry, which is an accurate statement.

FierceWireless notes that T-Mobile throttles speeds for customers exceeding a 21 GB monthly threshold while AT&T does the same after 22 GB. The plans therefore do offer unlimited amounts of data but with the possibility of limited speeds.

Sprint also says that crossing the 23 GB monthly limit doesn't necessarily mean all broadband speeds for the remainder of the billing cycle will slowed.

Instead, it will happen "only in times and locations where the network is constrained."