Sprint support confirms 27 September is Windows Phone Mango update day

New Windows Phone devices should be coming soon to US carriers, but those with existing devices may be getting the update as early as today.

Several days ago I posted on the rumored AT&T Mango update for 27 September and all indications are that today will be Windows Phone Mango update day for many folks. WPCentral.com found the Sprint update confirmation page so it is likely HTC Arrive owners will get the update. I already have Mango on my HTC HD7 and Dell Venue Pro and am glad to see it is likely I can get the next version directly from my developer beta firmware.

As regular readers know I have been using Windows Phone 7 since July 2010 and Mango since June of this year. I am a major Windows Phone fan and my next device purchase is likely a Nokia Windows Phone device. This Mango update significantly improves Windows Phone with things such as amazing speech technology, excellent messaging and social networking service integration, linked inbox support, improved Live Tiles, multitasking, and a very functional updated collection of Bing services.