Sprint to nix sales of Kyocera Echo, HTC EVO 4G

Due to lack of consumer interest, Kyocera is killing off the dual-screened Echo. Will anyone actually notice?

Poor Kyocera Echo. Interesting in theory, but significantly less so in execution, the Echo has been the shinning example of a device that never stood a chance. Which is probably why Kyocera is killing the thing, according to a leaked memo from Sprint.

Joining the Echo is the year-old Evo 4G, BlackBerry Bold 9650 and Sayno Innuendo, a device whose name is probably half the reason why its getting the axe. All the devices will meet their ends at some point in October, allowing Sprint to make room in its portfolio for a slew of more exciting devices.

But with the Echo gone, gadget bloggers are going to need something new to make fun of. Any suggestions