Sprint's push-to-talk coming to Android via dedicated app (report)

With a dedicated Direct Connect Now app, Sprint will greatly increase the number of its phones compatible with its push-to-talk network.

While not particularly popular in the consumer sphere as of late,  push-to-talk has been a boon to those in industries where direct communication is vitally important. That functionality, however, has so far been limited to a very select number of relatively bulky phones.

But that may be about to change. The Verge has a leaked screenshot that says that Sprint's Direct Connect functionality could soon be coming to Android smartphones in the form of a dedicated client.

The downloadable app would allow Android smartphone users to directly communicate with users of phones like Kyocera Duraplus, which have had Direct Connect built in.

With the move, Sprint will not only expand the reach of its push-to-talk offerings, but it will do so to devices with vastly more attractive, touch-based interfaces. It's a smart move, and proof, probably, that Sprint realizes that its push-to-talk efforts are in need of a bit of updating.

Let's just hope that there's chirping involved.