Spyware everywhere

Here's a place I would have never thought about finding spyware. A 700-square-mile area in rural Central Oregon...

Here's a place I would have never thought about finding spyware.  A 700-square-mile area in rural Central Oregon is equipped with wireless technology that allows residents, business, government, farmers and whoever happens to grab the signal to connect to the Internet. Cool!  Except this sentence got my attention.  "[...] a network of wireless cameras is in place for surveillance that serves local emergency personnel."   Ok, so I can see legitimate uses for these surveillance cameras but where and what kind of spying is being done?  And what's to stop others from setting up webcams for unsavory purposes?

We have cameras at intersections to snap your picture if you run a red light, cameras at banks, convenience stores, ATMs, but to my knowledge they aren't connected to the net. Now we have surveillance webcams in rural Oregon.  What's next?

Here's one answer. Spyware in your car.  Transport Canada is testing a new device that helps prevent drivers from speeding.  Using global positioning satellite (GPS) technology with a digital speed-limit map, the device effectively prevents drivers from pushing on the accelerator once they reach certain speeds. 

My question would be is the information stored in a database somewhere so it could be retrieved?  I can see it now - the judge asks "Where were you on the night of November 15 at 12 midnight?"  Or a jealous spouse demands the information from the database to see if their partner was cheating.  It's bad enough when every supermarket purchase made using a store's discount card is logged in the huge database in the sky.  Hmm.. the 15 year old bought condoms one night and Mom bought spermicidal jelly while hubby was away on a business trip.  Of course if you use a credit card, every purchase you make with it is recorded anyway. Folks, our privacy is being eroded on a daily basis in nearly every aspect of life. Where will it end?