SQL and SQL Server skills in highest demand

And the best paid IT job is...

And the best paid IT job is...

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SQL skills to be riding high in 2012, says The IT Job BoardPhoto: Shutterstock

If you're on the hunt for a new job, it could be worth brushing up on your SQL and SQL Server skills.

According to IT jobs website The IT Job Board, capabilities in the two areas are the IT skills currently in greatest demand.

Alexandra Farrell, managing director at The IT Job Board, said in a statement: "Clearly SQL is a core skill as we move into 2012, and we would anticipate seeing increasing numbers of IT professionals either retraining in this area, or looking to improve on existing skills. It certainly seems to be one to watch."

In December, as with November, the largest number of permanent jobs being advertised is for developers based in London, but December's stats shows 'finance' has taken over as the most popular search term being advertised for contractors.

Unsurprisingly, London continues to dominate as the UK city advertising the most IT jobs - with 300,626 positions up for grabs.

The highest paid permanent IT salary is for a senior applications designer, paying up to £200,000, according to The IT Job Board. As a contract role, the position can pay daily rates of up to £1,126.