Square launches Feedback to make receipts interactive

Feedback aims to turn digital receipts into a communication channel between buyers and sellers.

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Mobile payments provider Square has been part of the movement to transform wallets from clunky pocket stuffers into digital lockboxes — and now its looking to have the same transformative effect on receipts.

Square on Tuesday announced the release of Feedback, a product that turns digital receipts into a communication channel between buyers and sellers. It prompts customers to send feedback about their experience directly through a link on the digital receipt. Sellers are notified when a customer leaves a feedback comment and enabled via the Square Dashboard to follow-up on any negative experiences.

With paper receipts quickly fading into oblivion, Square hopes the feedback factor will add that additional CRM edge to its payments platform. Gokul Rajaram, seller product lead for Square, said in a statement:

The receipt should be more than just a list of what a customer bought. Digital receipts are a natural platform for communication. We're designing them to add value to the customer experience and extend the interaction between the buyer and the seller.

Square also announced Tuesday it will open an office in Kitchener-Waterloo, Ontario — marking its first dedicated Canadian office. In July 2013, Square moved into a coworking space in Kitchener-Waterloo that accommodated only a handful of employees. The company said the new office will allow the Canadian team to expand to more than 30 employees. 

Just last month the San Francisco-headquartered company opened its New York office on the doorstep of Wall Street, accommodating at least 350 new employees and bringing its worker count to approximately 800 people worldwide.

Square also has offices in Atlanta and Tokyo.

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