St. Bernard Software makes first acquisition

Remember when I blogged about St. Bernard Software?

Remember when I blogged about St. Bernard Software? They became a public company through merging with a Special Purpose Acquisition Company (SPAC). Today they announced the acquisition of SingleFin, a San Diego based security services company that provides email and web filtering "in the cloud". St. Bernard has always targeted the Small to Medium Enterprise (SME) and one recent trend is for smaller organizations to use web based services instead of purchasing, deploying and supporting applications internally. Think Salesforce.com for CRM.  Well Singlefin provides email, IM, and web filtering for $2.95/month per user. A small organization can get rid of all of the AV, anti-spam, etc. that they have to support today and just go with this simple service.  Another sign the security in the cloud is finally catching on. Too bad early pioneers like Pilot Networks and Cosine Communications did not live to see the day.

Listen to my interview this morning with John Jones, CEO of St. Bernard Software on the acquisition of Singlefin.