Stackla brings social content to marketing campaigns with new plugins directory

Stackla has announced its plugins directory to bring one-click integration to marketing campaigns - without vendor lock-in.

Social content curation tool company Stackla has announced a range of plugins to integrate with a variety of tools and touch points that marketers rely on daily for their campaigns.

Integration with Content Management Systems (CMS), email, display ads and other marketing software is key to tracking marketing campaign success.

The company announced seven categories of plugins including plugins for Social Advertising,

CMS systems such as Sitecore,Wordpress and Drupal. There are plugins for display advertising if you use Adroll or Sizmek.

The company also offers social media management plugins through Hootsuite and Broadcast technology plugins for customers using VizRT and Livestream.

It offers plugins for middle ware through Zapier and custom feed plugins for Weibo or RSS.

Marketers can source social content using the platform. This aggregates, filters, moderates, and tags user generated content from over 15 sources, including every major social network.

This curated content can then be personalized and simply into the company's preferred marketing solutions.

A tool that will easily integrate with the range of marketing software will be a boon to marketers trying to stay ahead of the social curve.

Social marketing automation streamlines activities and returns a better ROI.

Now with broadcast and middleware integration, a fuller picture of the campaign can be tracked and measured.

The Stackla platform aims to bring user-generated content to the "heart of brand marketing".

Improving campaign metrics and giving marketers access to the right type of social content will give marketers target more effectively

Peter Cassidy, CPO and cofounder of Stackla said: "With this release, we're helping marketers seamlessly integrate UGC throughout their software stack with just a few simple clicks.

It allows them to automate workflows, personalize their customer communications, and supercharge the performance of their entire marketing ecosystem."