Staingate: Apple replacing out-of-warranty MacBook, MacBook Pro Retina Displays

Having problems seeing that beautiful Retina Display on your Mac laptop because of issues with the anti-reflective coating? Apple will fix the problem at no charge.

Credit: MacRumors

Amid several thousand reports of anti-reflective display coating issues, Apple is addressing the problem. The company will repair or replace the screens on MacBook and MacBook Pro laptops that show display issues from the faulty coating.

MacRumors first noted the new Quality Program that Apple has launched to address the hardware issue.

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The problem, referred to as Staingate by many, causes the screen to show with various spots or smudges. Sometimes, these are localized in small areas, while other images showing the issue can affect a large portion of the laptop display.

MacBooks and MacBook Pros out of warranty are still eligible for the program, which applies to hardware up to three years old or purchased within on year after October 16, 2015; whichever period is longer.

Sources tell MacRumors that Apple may not issue a public support page sharing this information.

However, affected customers can schedule an appointment at the Apple Store Genius Bar or visit an authorized Apple service provider for more information.