Star Trek and the risk business of IT

Where are the Kirks and Star Treks of this generation? Maybe this speech provides inspiration

As the conference season swings into action once again, I wonder how many of the enterprise vendors out there will be reminded of Captain James T Kirk's stirring speech?

I can think of a few that have morphed from once being genuine pioneers bringing fundamental change to that of addict, sucking relentlessly on the teat of maintenance revenue; hoping against hope that their giant size keeps them immune from landscape change.

But to continue with stellar metaphors, astro physicists tell us that red giants eventually burn out.

For me, that conference season starts Monday with SAP TechEd...just sayin'

Inspiration courtesy of Derya Unutmaz - an academic at NYU School of Medicine and found on Google Plus. As he says:

...where are the Kirks and Star Treks of this generation?

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