Starbomb rises to top of niche comedy music market via YouTube

Breaking through in the music industry is really tough. But a band in a niche market has built its brand and secured sales - all through YouTube.

As our viewing patterns change, we have moved to YouTube for much of our viewing - and listening activities. Many bands have been discovered on the platform - no matter how niche they are.

Starbomb rises to top of niche comedy music market via YouTube ZDNet

The band Starbomb could definitely be described as niche. The band is a comedy rock, synthpop collaboration of Leigh Daniel Avidan and Brian Wecht of American comedy duo Ninja Sex Party, and Flash animator Arin Hanson, known online as "Egoraptor".

Egoraptor, along with the members of Ninja Sex Party created a video game comedy band. The band released videos to accompany their songs on YouTube, cartoons depicting Mario, Zelda, Pikachu, Luigi and others in action.

Starbomb rises to top of niche comedy music market via YouTube ZDNet

Starbomb's album on iTunes says that there is "plenty of swearing and 8-bit innuendo" which makes this album suitable for the "adult retro gamer and not the kids".

The band's 'YouTube first' strategy certainly seems to work.

In just one week, the band sold almost 6,000 CD copies of its Player Select album through CD Baby, including 3,438 in pre-sales.

The band went on to become Billboard's third best-selling comedy artist of 2014.

Not bad for an independent, irreverent, sweary band with no assigned record label.

Starbomb is not the first band to find success on YouTube. Music production group Audiomachine, got its start there. The group has now been featured in films such as Avatar, Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, and Spider-Man 3.

So how did Starbomb rise to the top? The band says that YouTube was the main driver of its success.

"Through YouTube, we reached the people we were trying to reach -- and anybody can do that with time and effort," says Starbomb's Brian Wecht.

With over 300 million views of videos across YouTube - and a very healthy following across Twitter and Facebook, this niche band has certainly found the exactly the right platform for its continued success.

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