Starbucks adds digital tipping, shake to pay to iPhone mobile payment app

With 11 percent of transactions coming from its app, Starbucks is looking to boost engagement and add features like digital tipping in 50 cent, $1 and $2 increments.

Starbucks said Wednesday that it will revamp its mobile payment app on the iPhone to add digital tipping, a new interface and a shake-to-pay feature.


The features launch March 19.

With 11 percent of transactions happening via its mobile app, Starbucks has used its mobile payment tools as a way to better engage the customer. Starbucks also was among the first companies to add a chief digital officer and split the role from the chief information officer.

Adam Brotman, the chief digital officer at Starbucks who reports directly to CEO Howard Schultz, said the company plans to "expand and improve our digital experience in the months to come."

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For Starbucks, the mobile payment game is simple. Speed up transactions, do more volume and entice more customers to be in its loyalty rewards program. The app is engagement 101. Meanwhile, Starbucks has added features to the app based on customer ideas.

As for digital tipping, which was a customer request, Starbucks customers will be able to tip in 50 cent, $1 and $2 increments.

Starbucks is also adding shake-to-pay, a feature that brings the barcode of a customers Starbucks Card front and center of a phone with a shake.

Other features include new interfaces, a redesigned rewards status screen, the ability to reload card balances and customized eGift options.

Starbucks said the latest app features will be available on Android later this year.