Starbucks finally launching an app for Windows phones, banks are coming back too

Starbucks has been one of those apps missing from Windows phones that always bothered me. We hear that Starbucks is coming soon to mobile while banks make a return through the universal Windows 10 platform.
Written by Matthew Miller, Contributing Writer

While I know the main app discussed in this article may not matter to many readers, it's been one of those apps that other mobile platforms have had for years that has been missing on Windows Phone. I visit Starbucks in Seattle once or twice a week and having the app on my phone is convenient and one of the main reasons I choose to visit this coffee establishment.

The Microsoft Band, see my full review of the Band 2, has had a Starbucks app since it first launched, but we have only seen limited third party apps on Windows phones. GeekWire reports that Starbucks president and chief operating officer, Kevin Johnson, revealed at the Starbucks shareholder meeting yesterday that a Starbucks Windows phone app was coming in 30 to 45 days. Mr. Johnson is a former Microsoft executive so maybe that is what it took to finally get one Seattle company to support another Seattle company in the mobile space.

There are third party Windows phone apps for Starbucks, but they have limitations and cannot match the functionality seen on iOS and Android Starbucks apps. Hopefully, this new Windows phone app will come with all the capability expected in an official Starbucks app.

While we are finally going to see Starbucks on Windows phone, we are also now seeing the return of banks to the platform. Banks have been some of the most prominent businesses to drop Windows phone support over the past couple of years, but as I continue my Microsoft March madness test I am seeing the return of banks via Windows 10 universal app support. I now have access to USAA and American Express on my Nokia Lumia 830 and understand Bank of America will return to the platform next week.

The promise of universal apps supporting phones, tablets, and PCs is starting to be realized which is great for those using Microsoft mobile products. Bring on a Surface phone later this year and I may just go all in with Microsoft for my mobile needs.

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