StarHub launches social media monitoring lab

The Singapore telco has moved to a social customer relationship management software which offers an integrated dashboard that tracks online sentiment, Facebook complaints, tagged tweets, and etc.

Singapore telco StarHub has launched a social media monitoring facility to enhance its customer service.

Called Social Hub, the center will leverage a customer relationship management software that integrates various social media monitoring tools into a common dashboard and make it easier to track response times. The telco previously manually monitored and replied to customer queries across different platforms.

StarHub's social hub
There is a total of 10 social media listening experts and customer care consultants at Social Hub. (credit: StarHub)

"From deciding when and how to reply to a query or a complaint on Facebook, to tracking where in Singapore mobile, pay TV or broadband connections are affected through location-tagged tweets , Social Hub delivers the data we need," said Darren Choo, StarHub's assistant vice president for Social Customer Relationship Management, in a statement.

Choo added the company would now be able to identify conversation sentiments and to tag customers as brand advocates and potential influencers.

The Social Hub is currently located within its call center and will be relocated to the company's new premises at MediaHub in 2016. Its upcoming facility will synergize the social media analytics lab with an adaptive production studio, which will support its pay TV business . These two facilities will work hand-in-hand to enhance "live" TV production based on real-time social media conversations.