StarOffice gains smart drive mobility

Sun's office suite adds to the portfolio of applications available on the U3 smart drive platform
Written by David Meyer, Contributor

StarOffice is one of the latest packages to be offered on the U3 smart drive platform.

U3 drives are simple USB devices that can be loaded with applications, allowing users to carry their personal copies of applications around with them from computer to computer without needing to download or install anything to the host machine.

Sun's office suite is now available on the platform, the U3 company revealed on Friday. Other smart drive-friendly applications announced at the same time include Research Triangle's Cryptolock encryption software, Stompsoft's Portable Vault encryption package, the Webaroo Web-pack application and Yahoo's Widget Engine 3.1.

StarOffice is a proprietary office suite — including spreadsheet, word processor, database, presentation and drawing applications — based on the open source OpenOffice codebase and including support for the OpenDocument standard and XML file format. The latest version, StarOffice 8, was released a year ago.

More than 10,000 developers are now registered as using the free U3 Software Development Kit, the company said. Recently, deviced uses for the platform have included a software suite designed to increase accessibility for visually impaired users.

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