Start IT up: Posse

Posse is a startup website that enables you to share your favourite places with friends. But it's much more than that; it claims to be the world's first social search engine.
Written by Phil Dobbie, Contributor on

Increasingly, we want search engines that are tailored specifically for us, based on our circle of friends. If one of your peers likes an article, then the chances are that you will, too. The theory goes that this means it should rank higher on the results page.

Posse is attempting to do the same thing for venues: provide contextual search results based on where you are and what your friends like.

Of course, it needs a lot of recommendations before the search can meet its potential. In its initial stage, Posse provides a fun way, through a cartoon-like interface, for users to identify their favourite venues, whether it's a café, club, or gym, and share it with friends.

The big question is, can Posse get enough users and recommendations to achieve its vision of being the world's first social search engine? Watch the video and vote in our poll.

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