Steve Jobs' stance on cookies

Adam Lashinsky shares an anecdote about the "productive narcissist" in his new book, Inside Apple. And it's classic Steve Jobs.

Steve Jobs' stance on cookies by Jason O'Grady

Well, it's that time of the year again.

Girl Scouts are out in force and it seems like I can't walk past a post office, grocery store or office building without seeing the girls peddling their sinfully addictive cookies. If I hated them it wouldn't be a problem, but I've got a bit of thing for Caramel deLites (and, ok Thin Mints too) so it's a bit of an issue.

So, "what does this have to do with Apple?" I can hear you asking... Admittedly not much, except that every time I see a Girl Scout hawking cookies I'm reminded of a passage from Adam Lashinsky's wonderful new book: Inside Apple: How America's Most Admired--and Secretive--Company Really Works:

Known for being alternatively bullying and charming at work, Jobs showed his neighbors the same combo package. Evelyn Richards, who lived around the block from Jobs, once sent her Girl Scout daughter to the Jobs household to sell cookies. "Jobs answered the door himself," Richards recalled. "But he told her he wouldn't buy any because cookies are sugary and bad for you."

Classic Jobs from a great book.

Inside Apple by Adam Lashinsky cover shot (Jason O'Grady)

Photo: YouThinkYouCanBlog


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