Stick your phone to the wall with Anti-Gravity Case for iPhone 6 Plus (hands-on)

The case, which uses millions of nano suction cups to let you stick your phone to any smooth surface, also comes in Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge versions.

There are so many cases for the iPhone that they all blur together. That's not the case with the Mega Tiny Corporation's Anti-Gravity Case. It has millions of tiny suction cups on the back of the unit that securely hold the phone to any smooth wall or surface.


When you first touch the back of the Anti-Gravity Case it feels slightly adhesive. It's not the typical adhesive feel, and it is much more secure when you hold it in the hand compared to other cases. It's just enough of a different feel that you can tell there is something more at play than usual.

The case snaps easily on the iPhone 6 Plus, and then the magic begins. Push the phone on any smooth surface, wiggle to make sure it's secure (it always has been for me in testing), and let go. I tested it on horizontal surfaces a couple of times due to mistrust of the technology, but that quickly disappeared.

iPhone 6 Plus seemingly floating in air in Anti-Gravity Case

Those invisible suction cups provide an incredible hold. It seals the iPhone to the wall so securely that it takes a few tries to figure out the best way to pull it off whatever surface you put it on. I don't know if it will hold the iPhone forever but having used it a while I now confidently walk away from my pricey iPhone 6 Plus just hanging on a wall.

Why would you want to hang your iPhone on a wall? The longer I have the case the more cool uses for it keep popping up. Like taking a family photo by sticking the iPhone on a wall and getting in the timed photo snap. Or setting it down on a table, ensuring nobody's going to knock the iPhone to the floor. Of course the most obvious use is snapping selfies.

Then there's shooting video with no need for a tripod. Slap it on the wall and start rolling. It's held perfectly still while shooting the video, too.

An especially cool use for the Anti-Gravity Case is sticking the iPhone 6 Plus on a window and shooting slow motion video of outside activities such as severe weather.

You have to respect a company named the Mega Tiny Corporation, and the Anti-Gravity Case for the iPhone 6 Plus gives you a good reason to do so. It is an innovative product that gets more useful the longer you have it. Plus, it's fun to see the looks on the faces of those around when you stick the iPhone to the wall and walk away.

The Mega Tiny Anti-Gravity Case for the iPhone 6 Plus is $49.99. There are versions for the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, the iPhone 5 and 5S, and the Samsung S6 and S6 Edge.

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