Strategies to help you profit from end of financial year: Webinar

What’s the big deal about the end of the financial year? Is it an opportunity for businesses or just a hassle?

Webinar: EOFY a big hassle or big opportunity
Andrew Griffiths

On Thursday 26th June, 11am AEST, ZDNet held a webinar hosted by Australia’s #1 small business author, Andrew Griffiths, who shared end of financial year success stories from a number of small businesses. The concept being to look beyond just tax possibilities and think about bigger opportunities. Most importantly of all, the big question is: "How can your business profit from the end of the financial year?"

These five strategies are not about accounting, they are ideas for generating more money by finding hidden opportunities. 

Andrew was joined on this webinar by Sam Harrop. Sam is ranked in the top five percent of business coaches globally. He is the author of a new book called Getting Stuff Done — a business owner's guide to procrastinating less and achieving more. Sam works with businesses of all sizes and across most industries throughout Australia. 

To end the fiscal year on a high note, and get you prepared for the next 12 months, this webinar is not to be missed.