Stratus launches first fault-tolerant dual-core servers

If you want more reliability in your systems then add some more cores, says Stratus, which is offering fault-tolerant servers with Intel dual-core chips

Fault-tolerant system supplier Stratus Technologies launched its first system using dual-core processors on Tuesday, claiming it will offer 25 percent performance improvements over its current line.

The ftServer W Series 5700 comes in a small package but its two-way, dual-core configuration contains eight processor cores. Using the Intel Xeon processor, the server comes in a rack-mount and will cost around $45,000 (£25,000).

Stratus says the Series 5700 is fully redundant and will deliver better than 99.999 percent uptime. Stratus servers are typically used in applications where close to 100 percent reliability is required, such as in the emergency services and some telecoms.

The ftServer 5700 system with dual-core 2.8 GHz Intel Xeon processors will be generally available at the end of January. The server is available with a fault-tolerant remote access controller that, in turn, connects to the fully fault-tolerant Stratus ActiveService Network to help ensure reliability. This new server will also support the Stratus Active Upgrade technology for online patching, hot fixes and upgrades.