Straw app enables social polling from your mobile device

Straw is a social polling app that enables people to conduct quick and easy polls and aggregate the results into a single dashboard.

Polling has matured with Straw 2.0. The social polling app lets you can ask questions of up to 50 characters, add pictures or text and decide where to post the poll.

Straw app enables social polling from your mobile device ZDNet
Eileen Brown

Polls can be published across Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, sent by email or embedded into your website.

Users can broadcast their polls to their social networks and other users of the Straw app.

Straw app enables social polling from your mobile device ZDNet
Eileen Brown
The StrawCast feature, new for version 2.0, opens up any poll you choose to the entire world, increasing its reach and gaining potential feedback from a much larger pool of respondents.

In the StrawCast pane, you can see a selection of random polls posted by users.

Polls are also posted to the @Strawcast Twitter handle so you can see what sort of polls are being generated by other users.

You decide how long your poll will stay live through the app.

StrawCast gives troll-free polling. Voting is anonymous, as are poll poster IDs.

There is no danger of being mocked, harassed, or insulted.

Straw app enables social polling from your mobile device ZDNet

Anyone responding to a poll on StrawCast will not know who the user is, making it anonymous and troll-free for the pollster.

You can see how people vote on your poll as the Straw app gives you real-time results with the option to make the results private.

The app is available for iOS, Windows Phone and Android devices.

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"Straw takes the clutter out of social media by making it easy to ask questions to your friends, followers and giving you the results in real time through a single, visual dashboard," said Ben Rudolph, co-founder of Straw.

"With the introduction of StrawCast you can also ask the entire Internet - and do so in a way that's 100 percent troll free.

It's the easiest, safest way to seek help and advice from the world at large, without fear of harassment."

If you need as way to gauge the buzz of your audience, then this app is a quick way to create straw polls and analyse the results on the go. It is certainly worth a look.

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