Student disappears in email mystery

Email played a part in a student's disappearance, according to police.

Police believe the disappearance of a Birmingham University student may have been triggered by a mysterious email message.

Nick Bloy, a student at Aston University in Birmingham, is feared dead after his car, containing his personal belongings, was found abandoned on the Severn Bridge yesterday.

Detectives investigating Bloy's disappearance have brought in experts to examine his PC for evidence of an email message they believe played a part in his disappearance. "Nick is an avid user of the Internet and obviously this is one of the lines of inquiry we will be pursuing. To that end, we are currently examining a computer laptop he used," says a police spokesperson.

Police have also appealed for anyone with information on Nick Bloy's whereabouts to call the incident room on 01446 731609.

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