Study: Second-hand phones often contain personal data

Around 54 percent of second-hand mobiles and SIM cards sold online retain traces of data such as PIN numbers, passwords and card details, according to security company CPP

Second-hand mobile phones often contain personal data, despite the attempts of owners to wipe devices before selling them on, according to data protection company CPP.

Just over half of second-hand mobiles and SIM cards sold online — some 54 percent — contained sensitive personal data, a study commissioned by CPP found. The fast-moving smartphone market encourages people to upgrade and sell on their old mobiles, increasing the risk of passing on personal data.

Information retrieved from second-hand mobiles and SIM cards included credit- and debit-card details, PINs, bank-account details, passwords, phone numbers, company information and logins to social-networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter. Private data is being passed on even though 81 percent of people surveyed said they had wiped their mobile before selling it.

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