SugarCRM taps Dun & Bradstreet for commercial data pipeline

SugarCRM preps a new source of business data for its eponymous cloud suite ahead of its annual customer expo in a few weeks.


SugarCRM, maker of the eponymous customer relationship management system, is teaming up with business insights firm Dun & Bradstreet.

The partnership is being touted as a win-win situation for both parties (at least the companies that hatched this deal—customer benefits remain to be seen until launch time.

More eyes on D&B's data makes its business insights more valuable, while SugarCRM has a vital new source filtering in information about more than 230 million businesses and 100 million contacts worldwide.

SugarCRM also promises that this deal will enable its corporate customer base, spread across over 120 countries, to construct more comprehensive profiles of their respective customers, facilitate deals to close faster and create stronger brand loyalty.

Scheduled to ship next month, these integrated results will be made available to SugarCRM customers via add-on D&B data subscriptions, which will be sold via SugarCRM resellers.

This is likely the first of several announcements from SugarCRM this spring.

The Cupertino, Calif.-based company will be hosting its annual expo, SugarCon, just a few miles north of home in San Francisco at the end of April.