SugarSync for BlackBerry adds SD card sync and offline access

SugarSync offers a free generous 5GB storage allowance and works to sync and backup across multiple platforms. They released a new BlackBerry version that you should install now.

As you know I carry devices running all mobile operating systems and as I wrote about in the past SugarSync offers me cross platform backup and file access. I like software and services that work across platforms. For example, Evernote is my preferred note taking and idea capturing software since I get it on every device. As I read on, SugarSync just released version 2.1 for BlackBerry devices that adds SD card sync and offline file access.

In addition to the cross platform nature of SugarSync, they offer a generous free 5GB of storage and referral programs to help you easily increase that amount. With my new BlackBerry Bold 9930 arriving this week I will make sure to put SugarSync on it right away and see how it does at syncing my photos folder from my SD card automatically as I take photos.

Check out the post that has all the details on this new BB version of SugarSync and give it a try on your favorite mobile platform.