Summary Care Records scheme revived by government

The electronic records system, recently halted to spread more professional and public awareness, has been restarted by the coalition government

Centralised electronic medical records will continue to be created in England despite coalition hints they could be scrapped.

Summary Care Records (SCRs) — electronic records of a person's allergies and drug prescriptions — were developed as part of the previous Labour government's £12.7bn plan to revamp NHS IT. Work on creating individual patients' records began in England in November last year. The aim of SCRs is to make it easier for doctors to treat patients who they are not familiar with, for example, when a patient is treated in the A&E department of a hospital outside of the county where they live.

The creation of SCRs was temporarily halted earlier this year because of concerns over whether patients understood they would automatically have an SCR created unless they chose to opt out.

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