Sun confirms 1,300 layoffs

The company sheds 1,300 people from the main US workforce with a target of a total of 6,000 jobs set to be lost

Sun has laid off 1,300 workers, part of a planned sequence of redundancies first revealed in November 2008 when the company announced it was intending to shed 6,000 people, or 14-18 percent of its workforce.

The job losses are worldwide, and follow Sun's announcement in December that 130 jobs were going at the company's plant in Scotland.

In a statement, Sun said on Thursday that the redundancies were made across all levels "including vice presidents and directors". The cuts are part of a restructuring of the company, Sun said, that are intended to save between $700m-$800m (£510m-£580m) each year. The company said it believed the restructuring would "result in a more efficient coverage model with resources aligned to growth opportunities".

According to the statement, the company believes cost-cutting measures and organisational changes "will put the company on track for improved financial performance".