SuperGlu for educators

Tim Lauer writes about a new web service called SuprGlu that seems ready-made for online classes, student websites, and other education related uses.

Tim Lauer writes about SuprGlu, basically a way to chronologically pull together your online writings, bookmarks and photos into one unified page.

It can gather your content from popular webservices and publish them in one convenient place. For example I have created a SuprGlu page that takes the content I create from my weblog, from the Lewis Elementary page, from my various Flickr and accounts. The result is a chronologically organized web page of my various posts.

I was thinking this would be an interesting way to create a multi-author web site or aggregate classroom project site. For example I am teaching a class at Pacific University to pre-service teachers and we have been exploring the use of several web services tools including Flickr and I plan to use SuprGlu to create a class composite page that collects all the content from the student created weblogs, flickr and accounts, and various other sites created and combine them into a master page that collects all the content created during the course.