Supermarkets add WAP phones to shopping lists

That's a bag of spuds, two cans of tuna, oh and don't forget the WAP phone...

Four of Britain's largest supermarkets have caught the WAP bug and will offer Internet-mobile phone technology to shoppers in more than 1,500 stores nation-wide.

Tesco, Asda, Sainsbury's and Safeway will all be trying to get shoppers to add a WAP phone to their shopping list after signing to stock phones with network provider BT Cellnet (quote: BT).

A range of WAP phones will be offered in these stores from Nokia, Motorola, Mitsubishi, Siemens and Alcatel. BT Cellnet believes the deal could help boost enthusiasm for a WAP enabled Britain.

"Once, Britain lagged behind the mobile phone revolution," says managing director of BT Cellnet Peter Erskine in a statement. "Now we're surging forward as people grasp that many of the benefits of the Internet are even more useful when called up from a WAP mobile phone. We're delighted the Supermarkets share our enthusiasm."

BT Cellnet estimates that within two years nearly half the mobile phones in this country will be WAP enabled.

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