Supernova: will intellectual property kill social media?

I'll be moderating a session at Supernova that will look at whether social media can survive intellectual property law, and will feature general counsel from both YouTube and Viacom in addition to the always insightful Fred von Lohmann, Dabble founder and former bIPblogger Mary Hodder, and noted IP lawyer Ron Dreben.

Supernova '07

Kevin Werbach just posted the draft agenda for the upcoming Supernova conference.  I'll be moderating a session at the Challenge Day on June 20 titled "Will Intellectual Property Kill Social Media?," and we've confirmed the following stellar panel to take on this topic:

I'm kind of beside myself about that lineup.  Here's the description of our session from the conference site:

The promise of social networks, video sharing, and online communities goes hand-in-hand with the challenge of unauthorized use.  Yet some see the legal and technical responses to that challenge doing more harm than good.  Can we find an accommodation between the explosive creativity of social media and the constraints of intellectual property law? 

If you have thoughts, suggestions, questions, or provocations you'd like to put to the panel, I'm all ears.