SuperTalent pitches Supernova SSDs at server market

SuperTalent debuts super-fast, reliable SSD storage aimed at the server market.

While large-capacity solid-state drives (SSDs) are far too expensive for anything other than specialized high-end use, lower-capacity drives are getting to a price point where the price/performance balance favors adding them to small servers.

SuperTalent have debuted a new SuperNova SSD series of SATA3 drives that the company is promoting as offering a high level of reliability.

The secret sauce that these drives have over the competition is twofold. First, SuperTalent only use highly prescreened ONFI (Open NAND Flash Interface) synchronous NAND chips that offer enterprise levels of reliability. These high-grade chips are then given an extra reliability boost thanks to a thermal conductive silicon padding attached to the drive that both prevents overheating and requires less cooling; both features that are desirable for server use.

SuperNova SSDs also feature encryption and use proprietary RAISE technology, which SuperTalent claims virtually eliminates unrecoverable read errors.

The drives come in 128GB and 256GB capacities and SuperTalent claim that they offer over 500 MB/s read and write speeds.

SuperTalent says that the SuperNova SSDs are available immediately, but at present the company hasn't posted any pricing for the drives.