Surfers urged to join Back the Net Day

Netizens unite! US-backed e-commerce crusade is only days away...

Web users are being asked to take part in "Back the Net Day" on 3 April -- which is aimed to revive enthusiasm in the flagging e-commerce sector.

US-based e-publisher Iconoclast has organised the event, backed by antivirus firm McAfee and Internet portal Excite, among others, in which people are encouraged to make a purchase online or to snap up some Net shares.

Iconoclast's founder is Michael Tchong, who also founded MacWEEK magazine. According to Tchong, anti-Net feeling has been exacerbated by the very concept that helped push the e-commerce boom in the first place -- viral marketing. "Negative news has been propelled by the Internet itself. This snowballing effect (or 'viral lack of confidence') is what we're trying to counter," he says on Iconoclast's site.

If you're not carried away by the idea of giving your support to sickly dot-coms, the campaign is also urging surfers to make donations to online charities.

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