Surfing is better than sex - loony fish

Research from trendy free ISP Madasafish has confirmed what non-geeks have long believed -- the Net generation prefer surfing to sex.

Research from the sex starved possy at Madasafish found that one in six surfers aged between 16 and 30 would rather stay in their rooms surfing the Web or playing computer games than spending time (presumably in bed) with their boyfriend or girlfriend.

Madasafish chairman Angus McSween denies the new generation of surfer is a traditional geek. "These users are surfing the Net to broaden their options and get as much out of life as possible," he said.

The research found teeny-surfers searched the Net for the latest gigs, films, bands and clubs. Whether they are also taking advantage of the World Wide Web of sex is not detailed.

Sad geek fact?

Prefer logging onto the Net than a good romp with your other half?

We don't believe it.

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