SurfWatch Labs launches cyber intelligence app C-Suite for mobile

The company's flagship cyber intelligence app is now available for mobile devices, allowing the enterprise real-time insights into cybersecurity trends and risks.


SurfWatch Labs has released a mobile version of its flagship C-Suite software to help enterprises keep on track of their network security.

The cyber risk intelligence solutions firm's C-Suite is an executive-level dashboard which provides key performance indicator (KPI)-driven analytics in relation to cybersecurity. Data, both structured and unstructured, is fed through the system and transformed into relevant analytics and insights to help the enterprise measure their cybersecurity strategies. The aggregated data includes information from industry sources, security vendors, social media, news outlets, end users and partners.

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The latest release of SurfWatch C-Suite, built on top of the SurfWatch Analytics API, is now mobile and optimized for iOS and Android devices.

The company also revealed a number of new features, including recommendations for the allocation of cybersecurity resources based on trending risks; automated alerts based on criteria set in user profiles; cyberthreat monitoring, monthly cybersecurity reports and new risk widgets for trending software vulnerabilities.

Jason Polancich, founder of SurfWatch Labs commented:

"The traditional approach to addressing cybersecurity issues is to bolt on more tools and layers without really understanding where the greatest organizational risks and impacts are.

Through a higher level, KPI-driven approach, SurfWatch C-Suite provides the necessary visibility and business context so that executives and security teams can more easily communicate and make the most effective risk management decisions. This mobile version is the foundation for providing the most timely, and contextually relevant, cyber risk intelligence -- all based on a user's profile -- regardless of when and where you are."

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