Survey: IE continues to gain share

U.S. research company Zona Research on Monday released the results of its latest browser census.

Although Netscape's Navigator remains the primary browser of choice in the enterprise, Microsoft's Internet Explorer is fast becoming the browser of policy for corporations.

The census, based on a survey of 260 companies, revealed that 54 percent of the respondents are using Navigator and that 45 percent are using IE. However, 55 percent of the corporations responding indicated that IE was their browser of policy.

Zona began tracking the browser market in early 1996. At that time, 71 percent of respondents were using Navigator while 2 percent were using IE. In January of 1997, the firm reported that 70 percent of users had Navigator on their machines and 28 percent had IE. Last September, the numbers were 62 percent for Navigator and 36 percent for IE.